Derby City Chop Shop

Derby City Chop Shop

You can never go wrong here.

— John D.

Great haircut at an affordable price.

— Richard Lee

Be prepared for the best haircut of your entire life.

— Adrien K.

Best traditional shave in town.

— Angel R.

Great cut, great guys, and great price.

— William M.

Place is top to bottom cool.

— Chris G.

I like it so much I drive from 45 minutes away.

— Junior T.

A real barbershop.

— Shawn M.

Every single barber in there gives some damn good haircuts.

— Christian M.

Out of town first timer, I was amazed at the time and attention to detail my barber put in.

— Ben C.

I trust my dome technology to no other scissors in town.

— Michael P.

Hands down a Louisville treasure.

— Will W.

Best haircuts my son and I have ever had .. period.

— Phil B.

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Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:30 and Saturday 9:00 -3:30 

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Our Services


You probably need one and we’re really good at them.

Straight Razor Shave

Hot towels, hot lather, relax and let somebody else do it. Atmosphere superior to your bathroom.

Beard trim

You stopped shaving, you don’t like how it looks, we can help.


You've had a haircut recently, but your sister gets married tomorrow. Clean it up around the edges.

Our Barbers

Highlands - September 26-October 1

Brandon Amos

Off Monday & Saturday

Troy Wilson

Off Monday

Josh Banks

Off Wednesday

Joey Hodson

Off Tuesday

Evan Watson

Off Monday & Friday

Luke Crepps

Off Thursday

Paul Howard

Off Wednesday

Germantown - September 26-October 1

Adam Hedgespeth


David Goff

Off Monday & Tuesday

Blake Mattingly

Off Monday

Patrick Edwards

Off Thursday

Cody Baum

Off Wednesday

Nick Swope

Off Wednesday

Dani Goode

Off Thursday

Jacob Anderson

Off Tuesday

Dice (shop dog)

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